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Korban portrait – a famous Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban

By ruff9att

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An ex-miner and a well-known Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban created a performance called “Tabula Rasa”. He made a self-portrait mural and wiped it after that.


Korban says that his artwork is dedicated to those who are hesitating they can change everything, to start from the beginning, to start from the white paper. “I had some hardcore times in my life, I was falling on my knees and standing up again. I know there is always a hope, there is always a new beginning. And if you want to change something just start from yourself. You are your hope, you are your own blanc piece of white paper. You just need to believe it,” artist says.


The performance was filmed by Holodrop Films and curated by Sky Art Foundation, the NGO that supports street art movement in the Eastern Europe. Music by Sonic. 


According to Julia Ostrovska, the Sky Art Foundation representative, this project expresses the fears and hopes of many human beings. “Street art is much more related to people than any other art. And Korban’s project once again proves it. He expresses common feelings, fears, hopes through his art,” Julia adds.

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